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Year 6 discover careers at the Inflatable Manchester Museum

Yesterday, Year 6 experienced a real treat, as the Inflatable Manchester Museum came to our school hall!


We were split into four teams, with each team given a different career relating to some of the artefacts in the museum:


Geologists : We study rocks and minerals.  We look at things that have never been alive.  We look at how the environment has changed over millions of years.


Palaeontologists :  We study things from a very long time ago - before humans were alive!  We look at fossils of plants, animals and dinosaurs.  We look at things that used to be alive millions of year ago.  We study what the environment used to be like.


Archaeologists :  We study human history, and objects that have been made.  we dig artefacts and human remains out of the ground.  We study people who were once alive, and things that were never alive.  We look at how humans have lived in the environment over thousands of years.


Ecologists : We study nature.  We look at animals and plants that are alive, or have been alive recently.  We look at how different plants and animals work together in their habitat.  We look at how humans are affecting the environment.


After a general talk about how to handle artefacts carefully (remember those detective fingers, Year 6!), each group was given a tray of objects to investigate. We had to deduce what each artefact was, and then decide which one would be of most use to our groups, based on the job descriptions above.


Every group got to look at all the artefacts, and we learnt lots of things about them.  Three of our favourite items were the scarab beetle from Ancient Egypt, the megalodon tooth and the mole!


A reminder to all our children, and especially Year 6:


Manchester Museum is a great place to visit, it's free to enter and it is nearby - on Oxford Road, Manchester. 


It's brilliant for Year 6 particularly, and they have some of Charles Darwin's finches there (which link to our Science topic of Evolution and Inheritance).  On the top floor, in their tropical vivarium, you can see some amazing Costa Rican frogs (which link in well with our Geography work this term). 


At half-term they have extra activities on for children, so if you have the chance then it's well worth a trip.


You can visit the Museum website here, to find out more about what they have to offer:

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