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PE and Sport Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Sports Premium Impact Statement 2017-18


Funding in 2017-18 was targeted to increase participation in sport by extending PE and Sport opportunities as follows:


With the Sports Premium we have continued to offer children sport and activity options which were targeted towards achieving curriculum outcomes. The premium has made the subject inclusive to engage all pupils.


Providing places for pupils in extra curricular school sports clubs (£0)

A variety of sports clubs including football, athletics, rugby and dance clubs were made available throughout the year, through the use of our staff and specialist coaches. We hired Dance/Gymnastics specialists to provide specialist dance/gymnastics expertise and skills.

All the sports clubs during the year were used effectively to develop skills and teamwork within the sports. Smaller clubs were also used in school time (lunch-times) to practice for inter-school competitions.


Increasing participation in school sport and setting up new after-school clubs (£0)


We here at St Mary’s RC Primary School used the Sport Premium Funding to meet objectives such as the following:


Continue to increase the level of physical activity for our children at St Mary’s.


  • To create opportunities for as many of our children as possible to represent the school.
  • To become more successful when competing.


We are extremely proud of what we achieved this year. Here are some of the Sports we delivered and competed in during the academic year… Football, Dodge-ball, Hand-ball, Hockey, Tag Rugby, Cricket, Rounders, Tennis, Athletics, Swimming,  Gymnastics, Basketball and New age Curling.


Each year we continue to strive to provide a wider variety of sports to encompass the sporting interests of all learners across the school. This enabled our children to access and explore a wide variety of sports which may not have been accessible outside of school. By hosting a variety of sport enrichment under one familiar roof, providing equipment and kits, we have seen natural talent develop and enthusiasm and love of sports activity grow! We are proud to be making links with local sports clubs and other schools, which means access to competitions and a super support network. We have seen many of our children go on to join these clubs for evening and weekend coaching and play! Most importantly, we have seen an increase in enjoyment of activities through engaging and fun sessions.


A log was kept of all of the pupils that take part in the different activities/competitions during and after-school. This ensures that we can monitor participation in extra-curricular school sports. Each year we continue to strive to provide a wider variety of sports to encompass the sporting interests of all learners across the school.


Premier Sport and St Mary’s teacher led clubs.

Type of Ex Cur Club


(When & Activity)

Term Year Groups Club Aimed at # of Pupils booked on with Premier Sports # of KS2 Pupils that attended St Mary’s staff clubs weekly.
Multi Sports After School Autumn 1 All Years 331 65
Multi Sports After School Autumn 2 All Years 415 52
Multi sports After school Spring 1 All years 389 59
Multi Sports After school Spring 2 All years 488 59
Multi Sports After school Summer 1 All years 379 55
Multi Sports After school Summer 2 All years 351 55


Providing opportunities for children to compete i.e. in tournaments and fixtures between the local cluster primary schools). (£868)


This has provided learners with an opportunity to take part in healthy, competitive sport, which has raised enthusiasm in various sports. Sports Premium funding was used to provide transport for these inter-school events. Over 12 different types of sports competitions were attended by children from St Mary’s. Over 160 children have taken in these competitions. More links have been made with local clubs to further develop the children’s sporting awareness / achievements.


Salford Sports Partnership (£650)

Being a part of this Schools Sports Partnership has given us greater opportunities for participation in all local festivals, tournaments and competitions. A wide group of children across the school have had opportunities to play at competitive levels against other local schools, with increasing success this year.


The purchase of sporting equipment and resources(£2150)

Sports funding was utilised to boost our school resources throughout the school e.g. Tag rugby equipment, sports kits, football nets, playtime equipment, general curriculum equipment etc. A wide range of high quality resources were made available to the children that ensured full participation in activities. With the Sports Leaders/Crew support, we ensured that all equipment was looked after and in a usable state, ready for curriculum lessons. With a wider range of equipment available, teachers could plan for a wider range of skills and progression to be taught within lessons.


Hiring qualified sports coaches to work alongside teachers when teaching PE

NGB coaches have worked within ST Mary’s to deliver sessions in their sports. With the support of these experienced and specialist coaches, we did not only enhance the provisions and experiences for the pupils, but also the opportunities for CPD for staff members.


Health and Wellbeing (£2660)

The Fun-Trition programme has delivered, 12 weeks, cross-curriculum (Science, D&T, SMSC, PHSE, Maths, English, and Geography) based healthy lifestyle programme for each year from KS1 through to KS2. Each child within these classes has taken part in the programme.

Children have learned that living a healthy lifestyle will have an impact on their life from childhood and all the way through adulthood. Fun-Trition has inspired children, parents (homework tasks), teachers, friends and families to make healthy lifestyle choices, through a series of interactive, practical, fun and thought provoking lessons. These lessons were based around the main principles of keeping healthy – eating well, drinking well, moving well and sleeping well.


Stay active programme to develop a positive influence on playground behaviour (£300)

Each Key Stage 2 class to underwent a 20minute (each term) exercise routine and were assessed through the use of a fit-bit. The steps were recorded as a baseline for the following term. Children’s steps increased termly. The tracker results/findings were used to plan additional activities for targeted group/s.


Active Maths: Maths of the Day (£500)

This has helped to raise attainment and attitudes towards maths through active lessons. The increased levels of physical activity, and teamwork, helped to inspire and motivate children.

It showed that children had Improved confidence, self-esteem and behaviour and promoted a Healthy Lifestyle.


Continued Professional Development (£5050)

CPC and curriculum delivery support for Co-ordinator and staff. This includes attendance at local cluster updates, network opportunities and Salford Sports Partnership. Outside agencies have been into St Marys to deliver additional support and to deepen teachers’ subject knowledge in these areas.


Quality lunchtime supervision of games activities(£4835)

Premier Sport has worked closely with the school to inspire children to live a healthy, fit and fun life.


Playground Leaders set up a Friday Lunch Club to deliver games with our Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children. Lunch time sports have continued showing an improvement in behaviour at lunch times, as well as increasing exercise/health matters. We have developed sports leadership strategies to allow leaders to coach other children.


Type Term Classes Attendances Children
Stay active (lunch time)


30 minute sessions

Autumn 1 + 2 All classes All Classes have a timetabled slot each week to access structured multi sports sessions at lunch time. 250
Stay Active (lunch time)


30 minute sessions

Spring 1 + 2 All classes All Classes have a timetabled slot each week to access structured multi sports sessions at lunch time. 252
Stay Active (lunch time)


30 minute sessions

Summer 1 + 2 All classes All Classes have a timetabled slot each week to access structured multi sports sessions at lunch time. 252



It has been reported that 1 in 3 pupils cannot swim at age 11, and that millions of young lives are being put at risk because of a lack of lessons. At St Mary’s, we fully believe that water confidence and basic swimming skills are essential. 79% of our KS2 passed, with 10% just short of reaching the Key stage 2 pass award. The pass award is given when the pupil can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres; use a range of strokes effectively; perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.

Several of our children have gone on to take part in local school swimming galas. The 21% that did not achieve the KS2 pass award will continue to attend swimming lesson during the 2018/19 academic year.



The profile of sport across the school has been raised, we have a higher sports participation, and enhanced skills progression. We continue to have strong links established within the local community to sign post to enhance sports coaching, such as local cricket, swimming and rugby clubs… The number of extra-curricular sporting clubs has increased during the year and high numbers of our children have participated in one or more of these clubs this year. Sports Leaders/Crew have been established and there is an increased confidence in teachers delivering PE. From the pupil voice questionnaires and meetings, 100% of Pupils agree they enjoy PE lessons. The sports premium has continued to greatly enhance the skills of our staff team (teaching and non-teaching) in terms of their ability to deliver or support in, very high quality PE sessions for our children; provided a high level of challenge in this area of the curriculum for our children and increased children’s knowledge of the part that PE and sport can play as part of a healthy lifestyle.


It has continued to give the pupils in our school more ownership of the type of sporting activity they take part in through being trained as Playground Leaders in Year 5 by the current year 6 Playground Leaders. This continues to pave the way for them to become Sports Leaders or Higher Sports Leaders in future phases of their education.


As a school we continue to show commitment to and development of competition, school sport and physical education and have successfully been awarded Sainsbury’s School Games Gold Award for a fourth year running.


At St Mary’s we try to guide our children to take up or further progress their sporting interests by having active links with clubs within the local community.

Rugby League/Union









School Games Values

  • Love
  • Respect
  • Faith
  • Inspire
  • Achieve
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