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Vikings Beware. The raid on Holy Island happens again…

All term the children have been learning about the life and times of Vikings. We now know they are from Scandinavia, how they lived, why they travelled and of course the important reason of why come to Angleland? The children have research the Viking Gods and why all Vikings were happy to go to Valhalla.


So the Term homework challenge for Year 5 was to create a Viking Shield and the children worked really hard on their designs which were fabulous. Many thanks to the parents who had helped the children create them. We shall be using some in school as a display because they are just that good! To cap it off, why not have a Viking raid using their shields (and the odd sword) as weapons. Look at the Viking snarls as the beserkers went to work.

We learned about the attack on Holy Island and raiding churches and taking prisoners. We then discovered that the Vikings doidn’t stop there but drove King Alfred back to the land of Wessex. Given to him after the Heptarchy (Seven Kingdoms) was overrun by the Viking raiders.


We discovered that the Vikings had a knack for sailing and with their unique longboats could travel across previously impenetrable oceans. The vikings weren’t happy with life in the British Isles alone and moved further West to Iceland, Greenland and finally the East Coast of America. A truly magnificent culture who finally assimilated into Christian life but not before they had provided us with so much.

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