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Social Media & Mental Health For Our Children

Our children are exposed to many more issues regarding social media than ever before. Even though most social media sites have age limits these are frequently dismissed by parents who innocently believe that their child will be able to cope with any issues that arise from their use of the platforms whilst not monitoring their usage closely.


More and more instances of ‘fall-outs’ among children are being brought into school where the children are not able to cope with issues with their friends and other users. Unfortunately the excuse that ‘their friends are on them so i don’t want them to miss out’ isn’t a good enough reason for letting them use these age inappropriate sites.


As a parent, if you are prepared to allow your child to use Social Media sites that are deemed too old for their age please do read the attached file and hopefully this will provide some tips so the children are able to either deal with issues themselves, feel confident enough to report the issues to you before they escalate or the children decide that Social Media sites are not really for them at this time.

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