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Meeting the Mayor

Today, eight representatives of St Mary’s visited the Town Hall for a special session in the Council Chambers attended by our City Mayor, Paul Dennett and members of the Mayoral Team, Councillor Lisa Stone, John Walsh and others.


The team have committed to hearing the voice of the young people in the City and listening and responding to needs, concerns and good ideas. It is a monthly session and Paul, the city mayor has committed to and with around 100 schools in Salford he will surely have a busy year. (On top of his normal duties of course.)

The  children really enjoyed coming and sitting in the chamber and hopefully come away with a bit of a better understanding about the council and city mayor/Councillors. It was also much more fun being in the environment and apparently much more entertaining than sitting in formal council meetings!


Prior to the visit Key Stage 2 had been asked to provide questions which those visiting could ask on their behalf. The questions were excellent, deep, challenging and topical. Almost every question was received with a furrowed brow and the exclamation; “Now that’s a tough questions!”


Example questions posed by the team were:


What is the hardest decision you have had to make?

Are you going to build some more houses on the green spaces for the less fortunate?

Did you always want to become the Mayor or did somebody inspire you?

Would you say that you becoming Mayor has helped the people of Salford?

The roads near St Mary’s are dangerous for children. Is it possible to get a zebra crossing near school?

Every summer do you think we should have a British Values festival where people can learn more about what they actually are?

How can you stop the budget going lower every year?

The cladding on Grenfell tower was highly flammable. So why do 9 council owned tower blocks have it and what are you doing to protect the residents?

Are you going to concrete over green spaces and stop kids having fun?

Excatly how much money is 47% of the budget the council has lost?

Are you proud of Salford?


The children were respectful, articulate and engaging with the Mayoral Team and hopefully they have come away from the session with the greater understanding of the difficulties facing the Mayor and his team but also the brilliant work they are doing for the people of Salford.

  • Love
  • Respect
  • Faith
  • Inspire
  • Achieve
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