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Rooted in the Gospel Values and the vision of Saint Mary. Saint Mary tells us "God is love and He loves us as we are."

Crime in the Castle!

We were met at the castle gates by the Constable – William de Cicon. The constable showed us round the various parts of the castle and of course the most important area for the children was the dungeons! It just so happened that a crime had been committed just before we got through the main chamber. Miss Monks had stolen some of the Castle Coffers from right under our noses.

Placed by Alice in the dungeon we all went to see her strung up. But a fair man is the constable and he allowed Miss Monks to under the trials to see if she was innocent.

The first was trial by Ordeal where the accused had to eat a spoon of Marmite and if a face was pulled it was certain death. Next came Trial by Combat where Mr Chadwick fought for Miss Monks and Chiso fought for the Constable. Unbelievably Chiso was the winner slaying Mr Chadwick and drawing blood! Finally came Trial by Jury where the accused had a solicitor, Archie, and the Constable chose Heidi. Even though both sides stated their cases it seems that, again, Miss Monks was found guilty!

Out to the castle grounds for here where she had to endure Death by Dismemberment, Beheading which Niamh undertook, Death by Drowning and then placed in the stocks where all the children pelted Miss Monks. How she survived we’ll never know.

After the Constable left us we had a wander around the fantastic castle, stopped for a spot of lunch and then off to the mines…

  • Love
  • Respect
  • Faith
  • Inspire
  • Achieve
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