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Rooted in the Gospel Values and the vision of Saint Mary. Saint Mary tells us "God is love and He loves us as we are."

Canopic Creations

Year 3 are really delving back into Ancient Egypt and becoming masters of their trades. From Death Masks to Cartouches and today they were making Canopic Jars.


Canopic Jars are very important in the life of Egyptian Pharaohs as after the mummification process the vitals organs (not the heart) were placed inside the jars so they could be replaced in the bodies when the Pharaoh passed through to the afterlife.

Each of the jars had the images of a God on the top and the children have worked brilliantly in recreating the jars. (I'm not sure what vital organs we will be placing inside though!)

  • Love
  • Respect
  • Faith
  • Inspire
  • Achieve
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