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Local Field Study - Independent Research Project


This term we would like you to do a geographical study on your local area. To do this we need to think like a geographer. Some of the key questions you may investigate include:

* What is the name of this place?

* Where is this place and which other places are near it?

* Is it a village, town, suburb or part of a city?

* What types of buildings can we find and what are they used for?

* What different types of land-use can we find?

* Are there any green spaces and what are they used for?

* Who lives here and what do they do?

*How do people use this landscape in different ways?

* Are there any local ‘landmarks’?

* What types of transport links can we find?

* What evidence is there of connections to other places?

* What was this place like in the past?

* How and why is it changing? 

* How is it similar or different to other localities that are being studied?



* List the human and physical features in the local area

* Create your own map with map symbols 

* Plan a route around your local area

Use the resources below to help you. 

  • Love
  • Respect
  • Faith
  • Inspire
  • Achieve
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