Sports Premium Action Plan 2017/18


Please see the action plan for 2017/18 here.

Sports Premium Impact Statement 2016-17

Funding in 2016-17 was targeted to increase participation in sport by extending PE and Sport opportunities as follows:


With the Sports Premium we have continued to offer children sport and activity options which were targeted towards achieving curriculum outcomes. The premium has made the subject inclusive to engage all pupils.


Providing places for pupils in extra curricular school sports clubs (£0)

A variety of sports clubs including football, athletics, rugby and dance clubs were made available throughout the year, through the use of our staff and specialist coaches. We hired Dance/Gymnastics specialists to provide specialist dance/gymnastics expertise and skills.

All the sports clubs during the year were used effectively to develop skills and teamwork within the sports. Smaller clubs were also used in school time (lunch-times) to practice for inter-school competitions.


Increasing participation in school sport and setting up new after-school clubs (£0)

We here at St Mary’s RC Primary School used the Sport Premium Funding to meet objectives such as the following:

To increase the level of physical activity for our children at St Mary’s.

  • To create opportunities for as many of our children as possible to represent the school.
  • To become more successful when competing.

We are extremely proud of what we achieved this year. Here are some of the Sports we delivered and competed in during the academic year… Football, Dodge-ball, Hand-ball, Hockey, Tag Rugby, Cricket, Rounders, Tennis, Athletics, Swimming,  Gymnastics, Basketball and Boccia.

A log is kept of all of the pupils that take part in the different activities during and after-school. This ensures that we can monitor participation in extra-curricular school sports. Each year we continue to strive to provide a wider variety of sports to encompass the sporting interests of all learners across the school.


Premier Sport

Type of Ex Cur Club

(When & Activity)

Term # of Pupils booked on Year Groups Club Aimed at
Multi Sports After School Autumn 1 319 All Years
Multi Sports After School Autumn 2 397 All Years
Multi sports After school Spring 1 364 All years
Multi Sports After school Spring 2 471 All years
Multi Sports After school Summer 1 369 All years
Multi Sports After school Summer 2 321 All years

Providing opportunities for children to compete (£368.40)(i.e. in tournaments and fixtures between the local cluster primary schools).

This has provided learners with an opportunity to take part in healthy, competitive sport, which has raised enthusiasm in various sports. Sports Premium funding was used to provide transport for these inter-school events. Over 10 different types of sports competitions were attended by children from St Mary’s. Over 140 children have taken in these competitions. More links have been made with local clubs to further develop the children’s sporting awareness / achievements.


The purchase of sporting equipment and resources (£950)

Sports funding was utilised to boost our school resources throughout the school e.g. Tag rugby equipment, badminton rackets, tri-golf equipment etc.


Hiring qualified sports coaches to work alongside teachers when teaching PE: (£0)

NGB coaches have worked within St Mary’s to deliver sessions in their sports.


Continued Professional Development (CPD) (£5050) and curriculum delivery support for Co-ordinator and staff.

This includes attendance at local cluster updates, network opportunities and Salford Sports Partnership. Outside agencies have been into St Marys to deliver additional support and to deepen teachers’ subject knowledge in these areas.


Quality lunchtime supervision of games activities: (£4835)

Premier Sport has worked closely with the school to inspire children to live a healthy, fit and fun life.

Playground Leaders set up a Friday Lunch Club to deliver games with our Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 children. Lunch time sports have continued showing an improvement in behaviour at lunch times, as well as increasing exercise/health matters. We have developed sports leadership strategies to allow leaders to coach other children.

Type Term Classes Attendances Children
Stay active (lunch time)

30 minute sessions

Autumn 1 + 2 All classes All Classes have a timetabled slot each week to access structured multi sports sessions at lunch time. 240
Stay Active (lunch time)

30 minute sessions

Spring 1 + 2 All classes All Classes have a timetabled slot each week to access structured multi sports sessions at lunch time. 240
Stay Active (lunch time)

30 minute sessions

Summer 1 + 2 All classes All Classes have a timetabled slot each week to access structured multi sports sessions at lunch time. 240

Assessment in PE:

An assessment tracker has been purchased to show progress in each area of the PE curriculum. This helps the teacher to show PE Attainment, Progress and Next Steps.


As a school we have shown commitment to and development of competition, school sport and physical education and have successfully been awarded Sainsbury’s School Games Gold Award for a second year.


The sports premium has greatly enhanced the skills of our staff team (teaching and non-teaching) in terms of their ability to deliver or support in, very high quality PE sessions for our children; provided a high level of challenge in this area of the curriculum for our children; raised the skill level and confidence in children to participate in PE and various sporting opportunities; increased children’s knowledge of the part that PE and sport can play as part of a healthy lifestyle; enabled children to take part in a greater range of PE/sporting activity and broaden horizons as to what is possible; raised the profile of PE and Sport across the whole school community to help to make developments sustainable for the future; and allowed us to make links with outside Sporting providers and club links.

It has also given the pupils in our school more ownership of the type of sporting activity they take part in through being trained as Playground Leaders in Year 5 by the current year 6 Playground Leaders. This paves the way for them to become Sports Leaders or Higher Sports Leaders in future phases of their education.

97% of our Year 6 pupils have reached the National Curriculum requirement to swim at least 25 metres competently, confidently and proficiently.

Total spent for the academic year of 2016/17 totals £11,203.40

Lee Johnson, PE Coordinator, 18th July 2017

Sports Premium 2016-17


Sport Premium funding (£ 9027) will be allocated and targeted following a needs analysis which will identify priority classes, groups or individuals who need to increase their participation in PE and Sport.

We ensure that teaching and learning opportunities In PE continue to be high quality, meeting the needs of all of the pupils so they may achieve their potential.

We provide a broad PE curriculum and celebrate the diversity of the children within the school. To lead healthy and active lives.

More participation in any kind of sports out of school. Clubs will be set up to foster that commitment and interest in sporting clubs. Children will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of sports. They will be taught, practice and develop skills.


Summary of spending and actions taken:

Specialist teacher support to continue to improve the quality of dance/gymnastics at all key stages. To use dance/gymnastics to extra-curricular clubs in order to compete in competitions. Access high quality specialist coaching in other areas.

Pay for transport to and from competitive sports tournaments.

Buy into Salford Sports Partnership to encourage and increase involvement in competitive sports with a focus on entering a greater number of competitions.

Purchase new equipment to be used to deliver PE lessons (as required)

Subject Leader to be released to observe and monitor PE lessons

Continue to further develop extra-curricular competitive opportunities (intra).

Stay active programme to develop a positive influence on playground behaviour.


Expected Outcomes:

  • Raised attainment at all key stages in dance/gymnastics.
  • Needs of all children met through precise and informed teaching / assessments.
  • Participation in sports clubs will continue to be high; with increased participation in competitions.
  • To encourage children to develop their social and communication skills, as well as engaging in physical activity.
  • Children would receive high quality teaching whilst teachers would receive relevant training in sports.


SPG spending projection  2016-17

Item/project Objective Outcome
Salford Sports Partnership – Bronze package


To provide teachers with increased confidence, knowledge and organisational skills in PE and provide sustainability Attendees on courses. Feedback to staff.

Updated knowledge on the government’s PE + Sport initiatives.

Purchase new equipment To upgrade lesson equipment and offer opportunities to children to participate in extracurricular sporting activity and a broader range of sports.

Engage least active children through new or additional clubs.

Use of equipment in PE lessons and morning / after school clubs. An increase in least active children participation.
Dance/Gymnastics Specialist Teacher. CPD for staff.

Deliver specialist dance/gymnastics to all pupils.

Deepen teachers’ subject knowledge in dance/gymnastics.

Guidance on how to teach dance/gym.

After school clubs in KS1 and KS2.

Children to take part in a dance Clinic and Key Steps clinic.

Dance coach will deliver high quality coaching.



Teachers will learn from the coaches and increasingly deliver sports coaching of a high quality.


Such knowledge and skills will sustain expert coaching beyond the sport’s premium provision. Run an after school club and enter a dance team in to a competition.
Teacher Release To enable the subject leader to monitor and plan for improvement.



Organise a School Sports Crew


Build staff confidence and competence through liaising with school sport coordinator.

Collate and review assessments being completed.

Staff to attend CPD courses and feedback to whole staff.



Training by coaches from local clubs and governing bodies to provide teachers with guidance on how to teach games and other activities.

To develop leadership programmes ( Playground Leaders…)

CPD for staff.

Deliver specialist areas to all pupils.

Pupil progress.

Year 6 playground Leaders.  Increase in pupils’ participation in School Games.

Deepen teachers’ subject knowledge in these areas. Guidance on how to teach these specialist areas.

Children to take part in intra school competitions.

Yr 6 to become Sports Leaders.

Transport to Competitions / SFA affiliation To enable children to compete in more intra school competitions. Take part in different / more league competitions.
Stay active programme to develop a positive influence on playground behaviour. To increase the behaviour throughout all key stages during lunch through the implementation of sport’s supervised clubs. Improved behaviour and participation in the lunch sport activity.