Summary Report to Parents

On the 21st June 2013 the school was inspected in accordance with Section 48 of the Education Act 2005.

The full report has been made available to the school and can be accessed here.

Overall Effectiveness of the School is Good

The Governing body and staff of St Mary’s have dedicated themselves to the building up of a Catholic learning community which is good with many outstanding features. The overall Catholic life of the school has developed considerably since the previous inspection offering the children a faith experience which permeates all aspects of school life. There is a planned review of the Mission Statement, which will provide a more contemporary and child friendly statement. However, the school is clearly united and driven forward by a strong commitment to a Christ centred approach at all levels.

The children receive a Catholic education which enables them to understand their place in the world as future stewards who can influence, change and contribute to the common good for all people.

The Governors, Head teacher and leadership team lead the school with a vision and sense of purpose recognising the dignity and value of every member of the community. The passion for learning and personal development ensures that all pupils receive an integrated Gospel based formation and education. The leadership of the school have a clear understanding of their next steps as the school strives for excellence. Those parents who were interviewed spoke of the excellent communication from the school which helped to make them feel very much at the heart of the community. Parents felt ‘a high level of belonging’, and that this was indeed ‘our school’.

Key Strenghts of the School include:

• Welcome, relationships, behaviour and care for all within the school are outstanding.
• Prayer, worship and celebrations are outstanding in their creativity and child centred leadership.
• The witness and confidence of the pupils in expressing their beliefs and values was outstanding and in some cases exceptional.

Areas for development

• Continue the development of assessment in the RE programme, through the setting of personalised pupil targets for each topic, success criteria and end of topic challenges to encourage a higher level of independent learning in all classes.

• Further develop marking in RE to ensure it is diagnostic enabling all pupils to identify next steps in all classes.

• Implement and develop the lay and pupil chaplaincy team to further develop the leadership of the Catholic life of the school and links with the parish.