All the children are desperate to do the canoeing and with a sunny day it was almost perfect weather. However a small wind picked up for the early groups which led to some hard paddling and treacherous swapping of boats. The children learn how to hold the paddle, which way to row, do 360 degree turns at speed and how to avoid the rapids at the end. Unfortunately the fish weren’t jumping today so nothing to throw on the barbecue. They have to swap boats and then play the hokey-cokey where a body part of two has to be in the water. Cue the screams of both boys and girls moaning that their carefully groomed hairstyles were getting ruined!

The final group, as it’s the end of the day, got the chance to ‘fall in!’ Now you would think that these poor, exhausted and slightly sea-sick kids wouldn’t want to. Step forward, Rebekah, Isabella, Louie, Kalan & Fabiana. For good measure and to get their own back, Mr Chadwick was cruelly tricked into falling backwards and creating a small tsunami across the pond! Those pesky kids!