How to help your child with their maths

Out and about

Talk about things you see (shapes, colours, numbers, groups of items, shopping lists, prices, special offers, timetables for buses and trains)

At home

Play number games (snakes and ladders, counting toys by grouping, dividing/sharing toys, cooking (measuring), how long can you?, you have __to play on the computer! You can go on the computer at 11’o’clock).

On the Computer

Talk to your child about the maths they have done in school each day – get them to give examples.

Please have a look at this guide for parents, Understanding the Language of Mathematics

Online Learning Resources


Maths of the Day is a new resource we purchased in school. If you click on this link you will be able to access homework that is relevant to the child.



IXL Maths

IXL Maths

BBC Bitesize Maths

BBC Bitesize Maths